Prospects I'm Excited to Track in 2022

This diary is mostly for me. I keep reading the prospect perspectives by Tim and it made me think about who I'd like to track more closely than others in 2022. Yes, I'd love to see the big names kick butt and whatnot, but there are younger, formerly hyped players and such I'm really curious if 2022 is the end of their intrigue or the start of their star power. Top 5 guys like Cassie and Hernandez and Preciado are obviously.

Ed Howard - reading the Howard article by Tim is what made me put this together. Learning to be an adult at age 19-20 is hard enough. Doing it while having a huge signing bonus and being away from home and learning to hit pro pitching as well is damn near impossible. I think 2022 is Howard's year to settle into wha he's going to be and one way or another, it's going to be refreshing to see.

Yeison Santana - So much excitement after the trade and then.... flop in 2021. He's, again, someone we're either going to write a lot about in 2022 as a bounce back guy or someone we may never talk about again.

Koen Moreno - Fangraphs says his fastball improved a to, but he only pitched one inning in 2021? 900k means I think the cubs will keep trying and I'm curious what happens.

Kevin Made - I'm not alone here. Helium in 2021 at a young age, but his walk rate was a huge red flag. If he can keep it up in 2022 he'll move into top 100 prospect territory, but part of me thinks he's due for a rough year and valuable lessons.

Yohendrick Pinango - We all know development is not linear, and this guy just intrigues me. It's nice seeing a guy get hit after hit after hit. But what's the ceiling?

Drew Gray - I'm going to be honest that I didn't do a ton of research on the 2021 draft. Honestly, I rarely ever do until draft day when I read baseball america's recaps and mini-scouting reports. But for a HS pitcher to be listed in the top 20 by fangraphs is enough for me to want to watch. For young pitchers I tend to only look at walks, strikeouts and home runs. Keep the ratios right and I'm happy.

Craw-Armstrong - I think everyone will be watching him and his return from injury. There are a lot of OFers that want to take his ABs this year. Here's hoping it's a smooth return.

Who else will you be looking at box scores for more regularly when baseball eventually returns?

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