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Outside The Confines: The Athletic has new ownership

Or should that be “New York Times: Why we’re joining The Athletic”?

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Photo by Alexandra Schuler/picture alliance via Getty Images

In the desert of baseball news we’ve experienced the past several weeks, this week we got something very big: The New York Times has purchased online sports journalism website The Athletic. Anyone who reads our links post is familiar with The Athletic, as we feature their content regularly. The site has been looking to sell for some time, but there were no confirmed buyers for a long time, and then today came the announcement of the Times purchase.

While The Athletic currently has over a million subscribers, they did post a considerable loss financially in 2020, which was what motivated them to look for outside investment to keep the platform running with more money behind it.

While it remains to be seen what this means for subscribers of The Athletic (or subscribers of both platforms), the $550 million sale is certainly something to keep an eye on over the coming months.

Here’s some more information about the NYT/Athletic purchase:

Writers for The Athletic seem to be enjoying the opportunity to make jokes, though.

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