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Cubs historical sleuthing: Dodger Stadium edition

This one was easy, once certain things were narrowed down.

Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Getty Images says:

Jose Morales #43 of the Los Angeles Dodgers bats against the Chicago Cubs during an Major League Baseball game circa 1982 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Morales played for the Dodgers in 1982.

Well, yes. Morales did play for the Dodgers in 1982. He also played for the Dodgers in 1983 and 1984, essentially succeeding the retired Manny Mota as the Dodgers’ designated pinch hitter. Not “designated hitter,” but a player who basically didn’t play the field and only pinch-hit for a team. Back then, with 10 or so pitchers on a roster, teams could do that. Morales played in 104 games for L.A. from 1982-84, but played the field only four times, all at first base in 1983.

Anyway, of those 104 games, Morales appeared as a pinch-hitter against the Cubs exactly twice — once in 1982, once in 1983. The 1982 game was a night game, so this has to be the 1983 game.

With a runner on first and one out in the eighth inning July 17, 1983, Morales batted for Dodgers pitcher Joe Beckwith. A wild pitch moved the runner to second, and then Morales flied to right. Based on what we’re seeing, this appears to be a photo of that fly out. The catcher is Jody Davis and the plate umpire is Jerry Crawford.

The Cubs won the game 10-0. Dickie Noles threw a complete-game shutout. Former Dodger Bill Buckner went 3-for-6 and homered off Bob Welch.

This photo was taken Sunday, July 17, 1983.