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Outside The Confines: Rookies (and managers) in the spotlight

Some of the biggest wins of the season go to the youth and to the old hands.

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Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Awards season rolls on as we saw the prizes handed out for AL and NL Rookies of the year, as well as the Manager of the Year accolades for both leagues.

The rookies were no big surprise with Mariners' phenom Julio Rodriguez netting the win for the American League and Michael Harris II of the Braves winning it in the NL. As for managers, it was a slightly unusual turn. Usually, it’s the managers of the winningest teams, or the World Series teams, but this year it was neither, in both leagues. Terry Francona won it in the AL for his work turning around the Cleveland Guardians, while Buck Showalter won in the NL for being the skipper for the Mets.

Later today we’ll find out which players will win the Cy Young award for best pitching of the season.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the coverage of both big awards for this week so far:

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