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Outside The Confines: Award season begins

The baseball season isn’t done yet, but awards wait for no one.

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Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

While we still don’t know who is taking home the biggest award of the season—the Commissioner's Trophy—there are still plenty of accolades to go around, and award season isn’t waiting for the World Series to end.

This week we saw the Rawlings Gold Glove awards given out to spotlight the best fielding performances in baseball. This is just the first of many awards to come over the coming month.

On November 10th, the Silver Slugger awards for offensive production are announced, and from there it’s a veritable parade: on November 14th the Jackie Robinson Rookies of the Year are announced; November 15th is the Managers of the Year; November 16th is the Cy Young Awards for pitching performance; and then November 17th is MVP Awards. There’s a lot of great baseball to remember over this month.

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