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Cub Tracks’ Sunday drives

#Cubs,#MLB, and #MiLB news you can use, four days a week. Cats abhor a vacuum. So do first basemen. And other stories.

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Matt Mervis mashes another one.
Photo by Jill Weisleder/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Welcome to today’s edition of Cub Tracks news and notes™, a greatest-hits collection of Chicago-style beat writers and bloggers, ground from #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB baseball, overheated, and then cold-brewed overnight for maximum flavor.

Cats abhor vacuums. I’ve had one or two that didn’t, but the exception doesn’t prove the rule, much to the consternation of keyboard jockeys the world over.

Likewise first basemen... and likely, center fielders. The Cubs have a power vacuum and a couple of positional black holes, and rumors accrete around those singularities, jostling for position and settling into new orbits based on dynamics. Some of those rumors include the Cubs jettisoning at least one and possibly two of their main power sources, which seems like cutting your nose cone off to spite your space capsule but you do you, Cubs.

I mean, that strategy sure worked with Kyle Schwarber, amirite?

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