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Outside The Confines: ‘Twas the week before Christmas

Will Santa put a new free agent under every team’s tree?

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Philadelphia Phillies Christmas Tree Lighting With Coach Charlie Manuel & Phillie Phanatic Photo by Tom Briglia/Getty Images

I’m not totally sure where the month of December has gone, but suddenly we are well over halfway through it, and holiday celebrations are afoot. Hannukah is underway, and there’s less than a week left until Christmas (this is also a friendly reminder that if your partner is the one who does most of the Christmas present shopping and wrapping, please make sure you remember to get something to fill THEIR stocking so it isn’t empty on Christmas morning).

Many teams have already far exceeded their holiday budgets, but fans may be excited to get a new superstar jersey with their beloved team’s logo on it under the tree. This offseason so far has felt almost unprecedented. Typically it seems like a lot of high-value free agents are waiting until the weeks before spring training to sign as teams barter and deal, but this year no one wanted to be without an All-Star on their roster before Christmas morning.

As things tend to slow down right around the holidays, it will be interesting to see what deals get made this week, as it seems like some teams (ahem the Yankees and Mets) are going wild, while others have barely written a wish list to Santa yet.

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