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Astros claim Rylan Bannon on waivers from Cubs

See ya, Rylan. We hardly knew ye.

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Rylan Bannon is an infielder who was the Dodgers’ eighth round pick in 2017 out of Xavier University in Cincinnati.

He was part of the deal that sent Manny Machado to the Dodgers from Baltimore in 2018 and then went to the Braves on waivers last year. He played in four games for the Orioles in 2022 and one game for Atlanta and went 2-for-14 with five strikeouts.

The Cubs claimed him on waivers November 18, two weeks ago.

See ya, Rylan:

Basically, Jed Hoyer & Co. tried to run Bannon through waivers, and in fact nearly got him through, because the Astros were close to last in the choosing order. But choose him they did, and now he’s an Astro.

I’m posting this mainly because there really aren’t any other Cubs transactions to speak of as we get closer to the Winter Meetings. Also, this reduces the Cubs’ 40-man roster to 36, so there’s room for Jed and his staff to make trades, signings or perhaps even a Rule 5 pick this coming week.

As always, we await developments.