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Jason Heyward signs with the Dodgers

He’ll get a chance to make their Opening Day roster.

Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

As you know, Jason Heyward’s tenure with the Cubs did not end well. He didn’t play in 2022 after June 22 and after the season, the Cubs gave him his unconditional release. They’ll still be responsible for his $22 million contract for 2023.

Heyward has been offered a deal for next year:

If Heyward makes the Dodgers roster they will be responsible for the minimum salary of $700,000. It’s not a huge part of the money the Cubs owe him, but it’d be a small saving, at least.

I can see Heyward making the Dodgers as a fifth outfielder, pinch hitting at times and playing some defense in all three outfield positions. The new shift restrictions might help him, as I’m sure you all remember all the ground outs into the shift he had over the last few years. (It got to the point where I’d say to my friends in the bleachers when Heyward came to bat, “Should I write down ‘4-3’ now or wait till he actually does it?”)

Seriously, though, I wish Heyward well and hope he plays well for the Dodgers if he makes their team. Undoubtedly, this will be his last MLB season. If he does make L.A.’s Opening Day roster, it won’t be long before Cubs fans can see him again. The Dodgers will visit Wrigley Field for a four-game series April 20-23, 2023.