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MLB and MLBPA representatives met Saturday and not much happened

MLB’s proposal wasn’t much better than what had been previously offered. And we still don’t know anything about Spring Training.

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More is up in the air about our favorite sport than this baseball
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Many people around baseball, fans included, had eagerly awaited Saturday’s planned meeting between MLB owners and the MLB Players Association.

Evan Drellich of The Athletic had written this after Commissioner Rob Manfred’s Thursday news conference:

Manfred, meanwhile, tried to put a different packaging on the messaging the league has had all along, to the tune of: The owners are making offers the players should actually like.

“In total, the proposals we’ve made would move the agreement decidedly in the players’ direction,” Manfred said.

In reality, this wasn’t the case in Saturday’s meeting, which lasted less than an hour. From Drellich:

None of this sounds “decidedly in the players’ direction.” Instead, it’s tiny baby steps toward what players want, and not really anywhere close to what players have proposed. Usually, when a labor negotiation winds up in compromise, neither side gets everything they want, but both get something. These proposals aren’t going to move the needle for players at all, in my view. There’s a bit more:

Jesse Rogers is correct, and the “big stuff” isn’t anywhere close to being done.

Nothing’s been announced — yet — about Spring Training, although with pitcher and catcher reporting dates less than a week away and the first scheduled MLB spring games two weeks from today, I’m pretty sure you can assume Spring Training will not go on as scheduled. It would be nice — and considerate to fans — for MLB to announce specifics about this. There are people who have planned travel to spring games and who don’t follow these negotiations as closely as I do, or likely as you the BCB reader do, and they deserve some consideration. Or maybe they’re just thinking this way:

That’s a bit over-the-top... but not much, the way I see it.

At this point I am nearly certain that we are going to lose regular-season games in 2022. No announcement was made, after the talks broke up Saturday afternoon, on when the next talks would happen. If such an announcement comes Saturday, I will either update this article or post a new one.

Maybe you see it differently; maybe you see this as posturing; maybe you see this as “normal” in labor negotiations.

It doesn’t feel that way to me, and the clock’s ticking. As always, we await developments.