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Finally, a date: MLB Spring Training will begin no earlier than March 5

There’s been an announcement.

It hasn’t officially been announced by Major League Baseball, but multiple reporters have sent out a tweet noting that MLB Spring Training won’t begin until March 5 at the earliest. Here’s one:

So, at the very least, Spring Training is being pushed back by one week, as originally MLB spring games were to commence on Saturday, February 26, including a Cubs game against the Dodgers at Sloan Park for that date.

That cancels the following eight Cubs spring games:

2/26, vs. Dodgers at Sloan Park
2/27, vs. Mariners at Peoria
2/28, vs. Diamondbacks at Scottsdale
3/1, vs. Rangers at Surprise and vs. Giants at Sloan Park
3/2, vs. Angels at Sloan Park
3/3, vs. Padres at Peoria
3/4, vs. A’s at Sloan Park

If the spring season does begin March 5, the Cubs will be facing the Brewers at their ballpark in the Maryvale section of Phoenix, and the Sloan Park opener would be the following day, Sunday, March 6 against the Diamondbacks.

As noted, representatives of owners and players will be meeting every day next week to try to make an agreement so the 2022 season can begin on time. They’re definitely under time pressure now, so we’ll see how that goes.

As always, we await developments.