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2022 MLB Draft Prep: Week 1 early returns

Here are some of the top performances by potential draft picks on the first weekend of baseball for 2022.

Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Some of my weekly look will be regarding who has done what in the top eight. Another portion will be "second chances,” players who could be of interest (currently) in round two. Afterburn will be other names I toss in for whatever reason.

Steps Up?

Hunter Barco, left-handed pitcher

Barco is a lefty arm with some cheese on the fastball, from the University of Florida. For this week, a hit, a walk, and 11 strikeouts. A known piece, mind him for next week.

West Virginia's Gavin Cross had a monster Friday, then was out of the lineup the next two days. He's tripled, singled, and walked in four trips.

Steps Back?

People might be ready to go extreme regarding Chase DeLauter from this weekend. Florida State is really good. DeLauter has had better weekends. He sounds like a useable center fielder. The draft is in June or July. Teams in the 9/10 range would love DeLauter. It's about 2024 and beyond, not March.

Vanderbilt shortstop Carter Young was 0/4 with four strikeouts on Sunday. Not ideal.

Second Chances

Arizona rolled through three Big 12 teams like a chainsaw through a tree stump. The draft name of interest in Daniel Susac, who hit like everyone else has seemed to do. Susac is a catcher, and would be fascinating with the second pick. His brother Andrew has played briefly in MLB.

Campbell's Thomas Harrington represented early. The Camels are not a huge name nationally, but Harrington is their guy. How does this sound?


Michigan's Clark Elliott required two days to get to five hits. The Cubs, having recently drafted Jordan Nwogu, know where Ann Arbor is.

A potential top eight choices:

1. Termarr Johnson, infield, HS (GA)
2. Andruw Jones, outfield, HS (GA)
3. Brooks Lee, shortstop, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
4. Gavin Cross, outfield, West Virginia
5. Elijah Green, outfield, HS (FL)
6. Chase DeLauter, center field, James Madison
7. Dylan Lesko, right-handed pitcher, HS (GA)
8. Landon Sims, right-handed pitcher, Mississippi State