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MLB and the MLBPA will meet again Monday, the deadline for the 2022 season to start on time

They didn’t come to an agreement Sunday, but did meet for more than six hours.

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

UPDATE: And it's not much of an update, either:

So, that's what we know as of now. Here's my original article.

MLB owners, their representatives and the Major League Baseball Players Association met at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida, spring home of the Cardinals and Marlins, for more than six hours Sunday afternoon and evening to try to bring home a collective bargaining agreement before Monday’s self-imposed MLB deadline for having a full 2022 season.

The two sides caucused, then went back and forth between meetings and caucuses before breaking up well after sunset in Jupiter. I keep getting reminded of this song every time I hear the meetings are in Jupiter:

At the time this article posted, there were no updates available on what was discussed Sunday afternoon and evening. Perhaps that means it was substantive. I will post updates to this article if and when they are available, and also have more in the morning.

And now, a bit of levity and a look back at the tweets of bored MLB writers from Sunday, which we all could use. Sunday’s session began on schedule with a smaller player’s contingent:

Then MLB lead negotiator Dan Halem went to meet with players, but not for very long:

This back-and-forth went on for quite some time. This was just one of the tweets sent out during that time:

Gotta say, “Morgan Sword” is an 80-grade name.

Today’s baseball writer art:

It actually rained for a while, but the talks were inside and did not get delayed:

Remember yesterday when Jameson Taillon went and got coffee for the player contingent? Well, if the lockout lasts a while longer, Taillon’s looking for work:

He got a character reference from a former teammate (and former Cub!):

Cute dogs found by writers while waiting for info:

And a little Cubs humor to wrap today:

They don’t have much time for more developments before part of the 2022 regular season is cancelled. But, as always, we await them.