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MLB owners threaten to cancel a month of games

That wouldn’t seem the way to get a deal done.

Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Monday is the MLB-stated deadline to have a labor agreement in place to not lose games for the 2022 regular season.

Thus you would think that rhetoric like this would not be helpful toward such an agreement:

I cannot express how upset and disappointed I am to see this sort of thing come from the owners’ side. So here, let me allow a couple of others to do that:

And our SB Nation friends at Over The Monster sum up the last week of negotiations quite well:

That’s a strong word, “contempt,” but I do think it fits here. This is a scorched-earth policy, owners seemingly not caring what damage they are doing to the game, its future, and we the fans who care so much about seeing baseball back on the field. I’ve been posting wrapups of each day of negotiations in Jupiter, Florida, at the end of the day but this news seemed important enough for a separate article.

Oh, and there’s this:

There had been an online movement over the last few days to get people to cancel before the renewal date today; it’s impossible to know how many did, but based on anecdotal reports on social media, the number is likely considerable.

I wish baseball were being run by people who didn’t do everything in their power to alienate their customers, we the fans. But that appears to be where we stand in the early afternoon of what’s supposedly the “last day” to prevent loss of games in 2022.

The players have stood strong and united and I back them. I’ll still post an article on all of today’s news whenever things wrap up.

Developments, awaiting, etc.