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Outside The Confines: Baseball is back!

The lockout is over and there’s a lot of news about that.

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Next stop, Spring Training!

Since I think you know about the big news in the world of baseball, I’m going to take a moment to update this piece I wrote on Monday about the Ricketts family’s interest in purchasing English football (soccer) club Chelsea FC. I wrote that the current owner, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, was trying to sell the club before he was placed on a list of people sanctioned for their close ties to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Well, Abramovich wasn’t fast enough as the UK government placed him on their list of sanctioned individuals on Thursday. You can read here about what that means for Chelsea, but it definitely means the club will not be sold anytime soon. In fact, Chelsea is banned from even selling tickets to games right now, although fans who already have tickets will be allowed to attend.

Eventually, the UK government and Abramovich are going to work out an agreement allowing the sale of the team, but that may take months or even years.

Our sympathies go out to his family and friends.

End the lockout, comm . . . Oh yeah. I guess I can go back to reminding Buster Olney that tomorrow is going to be a good day too.