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Marquee Sports Network will televise 17 of the Cubs’ 21 spring games

Get ready to watch the Cubs on TV.

Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Cubs’ spring schedule gets under way Thursday with home-and-home split squad games against the White Sox, one at Sloan Park in Mesa, the other at Camelback Ranch in Glendale.

The Mesa game will be televised on Marquee Sports Network, along with 16 other spring games. Here’s the complete schedule:

Marquee Sports Network

Two games that won’t be on Marquee will be the away game Thursday, March 17 against the White Sox (that’ll be on NBC Sports Chicago with the Sox announcers) and the away split-squad game Friday, April 1 against the Diamondbacks. It’s not clear yet whether that game will be carried via the D-Backs channel, Bally Sports Arizona.

As you can see, two other games (Sunday, March 20 vs. the Dodgers and Tuesday, March 22 vs. the Mariners) will be carried on MLB Network, so you can watch those even if you don’t have access to Marquee.

What is not yet clear is what’s happening with MLB.TV this year. The last word we have from them was at the end of February:

I haven’t received any notifications yet and I’m guessing you haven’t either. I would imagine this will happen in the next day or two. If I get more information about Cubs spring games appearing on their opponents’ TV channels, I will post it in the game preview each day. Spring games are not subject to blackout, so you should be able to watch them no matter where you are if you subscribe to MLB.TV.

I’ll post further info if and when it’s available.