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Outside The Confines: Baseball live!

It’s really back.

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Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

There was a small part of me that wondered if the time would actually come in 2022, but yesterday we had live baseball, and better than that, we had live baseball broadcast on TV. If you renewed your MLB.TV subscription, then yesterday you could have tuned into the first game of spring training. If you happened to miss that, though, never fear because the Cubs will be back on your TV quite a bit this weekend, and even better: MLB.TV is offering many Free Games every day, so if you’re not a paid subscriber you can still watch games.

It’s a small bit of goodwill that will go a long way to getting the attention of former subscribers who didn’t renew their annual contracts when the season start was delayed, and it’s also a great way to show potential new subscribers how the service works and what’s available.

For me, I’m just thrilled at the prospect of getting to see live baseball on my TV again.

Now onto the links and a great weekend of spring training and spring cleaning.

And tomorrow will be a better day, Buster. Make it so.