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A look at Friday night college baseball and some MLB Draft possibilities

Here are some draft follows not just for this summer, but also for 2023.

Jacob Gonzalez of Ole Miss
Photo by Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With week five arriving, SEC Thursdays return. While not remotely popular on many campuses, I totally dig an SEC game on Thursday night, to get my Friday started early.

Auburn's Mason Barnett has three pro pitches. His fastball sits at 94, and his slider is his putaway offering. His change is his third pitch. However, homers in the first two innings for Ole Miss kept Barnett in trouble. Barnett totally represents a fourth- or fifth-round arm. Despite a three-inning outing, I still like Barnett in that range.

John Gaddis of Ole Miss wasn't getting it done, early, either. He's a bit of a "High 80's who throws backward" type, which won't get him drafted. His numbers were good entering this game. Then he gave up this missile launch.

2023 draft class shortstop Jacob Gonzalez homered in two of his first three trips. Ole Miss extended to a cakewalk with the aid of a leaky Auburn defense. Peyton Chatagnier (pronounced Shat-tun-yay) is among the many Rebs worth drafting. There are quite a few. Kason Howell and Blake Rambusch of Auburn ought to be pros. Ole Miss won 13-6.

North Carolina at Duke

Marcus Johnson is a player I follow. The Duke right-hander gave up a leadoff homer. An error and a walk misfired his first inning. He escaped a two-run first. The leadoff man in each of the first three innings homered off of Johnson. I'm still buying him in the second round off of his 94-98 that he can carry somewhat late into games.

RJ Schreck hooked a homer to right. Schreck will be a pro.

Jonathan Cannon started for Georgia against Mississippi State. Cannon was on target early, and was staked to a lead early on a Connor Tate homer.

Cannon bounced between a 93-95 fastball and an 88-89 slider. He sounds second round good., and debuts, there. Here are some more of my draft thoughts.

Here is the D1 Baseball summary of Friday night’s action.

To close it out...