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Wrigley Field construction update: March 20

They’ve begun to dig at the site of the new sports book.

Over the last few days, crews have begun to dig a hole at the corner of Addison and Sheffield, outside the right field corner of Wrigley Field, for the sports book that will inhabit that corner by the end of this year.

The image above is from the webcam that’s on the roof of Wrigleyville Sports at the southeast corner of Addison and Sheffield. It’s from early Monday morning, and clearly shows how the work is progressing.

Mike Bojanowski went by the ballpark Sunday to take the photos below, which show the work from street level and, in addition, show the completion of whatever work was being done in the left field corner on Waveland (photos in this construction update article, the previous entry in this series), as well as a couple of other photos around the ballpark.

The Cubs are definitely ready for Seiya Suzuki’s arrival. Mike notes, “It’s now impossible to get a decent shot of the scoreboard from outside the park, there’s too much stuff in the way. What the board says is “Welcome/Home/Seiya/Suzuki”. (photo x)”

Opening Day is just 17 days away, April 7 against the Brewers. Here are the photos Mike took Sunday afternoon.