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Outside The Confines: Old friends in new clothes

We’re starting to get our first look at signed free agents as they make their spring training debut, and it’s weird.

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Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Sometimes you just assume you’re going to see a certain player wear the same uniform for their whole career. It rarely happens anymore these days, but it still feels very strange the first time we see familiar faces in unfamiliar uniforms. This past week we saw Kyle Schwarber don Phillies red; Freddie Freeman put on that classic Dodger Blue (and further evidence how good he would have looked in a Cubs uniform, just saying), and Carlos Correa’s Twins signing means he’ll soon be spotted in their red, navy, and white combo.

It’s a part of every spring training, but in never ceases to be weird, like seeing someone’s bad Twitter photoshop come to life.

You’ll get to see some of those new uniforms below, along with the rest of today’s links!

  • Those mesh-back caps aren’t only silly-looking, they’re also dangerous if you happen to be bald...

And tomorrow will be a better day, Buster. Make it so.