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2022 MLB Draft Prep: Notes after two weeks of college baseball

Updates on some guys the Cubs could look at for this summer’s Draft.

Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

It's been really cold for quite a few games early in the college baseball season. It's reasonably tough to assess a player in four years from now, based on a cold and rainy afternoon in February. Most conference games are more important than most non-conference games. Nonetheless, some stories are clattering about.

Florida State has an interesting outfielder on their roster. Isaiah Perry has particularly good speed. When listening to Florida State radio, most of the speed comps are FSU players. Which tends to not help from a Cubs fan perspective. However, with Deion Sanders being even mentioned hints that Perry has jets. But, can he play?

That's the unclear part. Nobody has any real idea. Perhaps, given the proper hitting coach, Perry could learn to hit. If not, he'd be a useless draft pick. When does Perry make sense in the draft?

For me, pegging Perry in the 14th round or so seems reasonable. If it were still the 20-teens, and teams had three short-season affiliates (and 40 rounds each draft), Perry getting plugged in would make far more sense than now. Again, this is owners valuing money more than providing a high-end product.

Aiming for 1.7

Gavin Cross is still out with an injury. The Virginia Tech outfielder is rather well-researched and respected, so there's no need to rush him back. The interest will still be high for him, barring anything long-term.

Chase DeLauter rebounded against Fairleigh Dickinson, and his seasonal numbers are fine, again. In a week, James Madison and DeLauter play two midweek games against the Tennessee Volunteers.

Second chances

Trey Lipscomb probably isn't a second-round guy, yet, but he was 5 for 5 with nine RBI and hit for the cycle on Friday night. That he has a degree of defensive versatility (third baseman for the Volunteers) makes "earlier than later" more possible in his case. The Vols get No. 1 Texas in the Astros facility on Friday.

Parker Messick backed up a great outing against James Madison and DeLauter with another against Samford, seven one-hit innings with 13 strikeouts.


Players like Ben Joyce fascinate me, from a draft board perspective. When looking at the Cubs’ likely options in the second round, a regular starter type, on with a realistic chance at an 8 WAR value, ought to be the priority. Once round three rolls around, reliever make sense.

With a reliever, pitch counts aren't an issue. Once he's better than a level, he gets promoted. (With a starting pitcher like Jordan Wicks, getting him to 85 pitches and above at each level, and with multiple pitches, is the goal. With Joyce? Move him up if he's ready.