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2022 MLB Draft Prep: College baseball week 6

A few notes on last weekend’s games. Also, does a reliever make sense in Round 2?

Ben Joyce of Tennessee
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

I'm cheating. I'm assuming Michael Conforto will sign this week. If he does, the draft board will be complete, with the Cubs drafting roughly 46th (if the Cubs don't sign Conforto). If he signs with someone other than the Mets or Cubs, the Cubs will also get extra international spending space in the next cycle. Assessing the value of having two of the top 50 picks is part of assessing a qualifying free agent's current value. Here’s my current top 10.

This past weekend, there was a bit of difficulty with a few things college baseball related. To explain, I reference a scheduled Notre Dame at Boston College series. As it was cold in Massachusetts, the game was moved. To Pittsburgh. In March. The BC announcers were noting with no irony in their voices that it was cold. And windy. And rainy. The Eagles won the opener in an ugly game. The next two games were cancelled.

There were some good games last weekend, but I was cold. After a moderate warming trend in Rockford, the 30s were far too prevalent, and I was cold. By the time the game I was listening to had completed, I had nodded off, and it was 2 in the morning.

Draft Prep mindset continues, though. The entire premise of assessing the available players on a draft want list determines which players might be arbitration-eligible players in their late 20s and early 30s. The executives and ownership have already displayed a complete tone-deafness toward interest in fan favorites. Getting the best possible long-term assets, like you're selecting investments for a mutual fund portfolio, seems king.

We don't have the Hawkeye, Rapsodo, and Edgertronic numbers on the players, but we're still permitted to which players seem to make the most sense. There’s a looming question of which round makes sense for the Tennessee reliever Ben Joyce. His ERA remains 0.00, despite giving up a home run this weekend. He regularly tosses in the 101 to 102 range.

A relief pitcher in the second round seems too rich for me, still. The second round is for selecting a player who might be a quality regular in the field or the rotation. While Joyce could be very useful, the second round seems far too early fora so-called one-trick pony. This draft has far-too-many potential everyday players to go "reliever" that soon. Whether you agree or not, your comments are encouraged.

On Saturday, Virginia had to go with a middle reliever as a starter. Six-foot-10 freshman Jake Berry’s longest performance had been three innings; he went the first five. Three Cavalier pitchers combined on a one-hitter. While the pitchers are generally cuffing most of the pitching this season, there are exceptions. Not all the flourishing arms are draft-eligible.

Aiming for 1.7

I don't have him in the range of 1.7, but Mikey Romero has helium.