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Wrigley Field construction update: March 3

There are new things happening at the ol’ ballpark.

Mike Bojanowski

Hey there!

It’s been quite some time since the last construction update. More than two years, in fact, since this post February 1, 2020, which detailed some of the changes being made to the press box.

But now, with the team adding a sports book at the corner of Addison & Sheffield, this series will resume on an occasional basis.

I often have a look at Wrigleyville Sports’ webcam, which shows that corner. Here’s a shot from it as of around 9:30 a.m. CT Friday morning:

I first saw that Thursday, and clearly, the Cubs have fenced off that corner to begin construction. I asked Mike Bojanowski to head over to the ballpark to take some photos from ground level. Here they are:

Here’s what Mike sent me about the 10 photos in the gallery above:

Photos 1-4: There are three operations visible from the street. The most obvious one is the corner building to come. That site and one lane of westbound Addison St. is fenced off, but no excavations. Looks like Addison will be minus one lane for the duration.

Photos 5-7: Something is happening at the far left field corner of the ballpark along Waveland Ave. The covers obscure it to the point that nothing can really be said for certain. This has been in progress for at least a month.

Photos 8-9: Some of the ornamental ironwork at the right field corner is down, replaced by plywood patches. Anybody’s guess, may be related to the nearby corner work.

Photo 10 is just a amusing curiosity, which I had not noticed before. I realize that baseball is notoriously superstitious, but no Gate 13? Really??

We’ll have updates on these projects on an occasional basis throughout the 2022 season... or just “throughout the spring and summer of 2022” if there’s no season.