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2022 MLB Draft Prep: Week 3 of the college season

Some players who have begun to possibly stand out for the Cubs’ pick at seventh overall.

Jordan Beck of Tennessee
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

With the Cubs selecting seventh overall in the first round this cycle, the expectation for production jumps. I enjoy having general markers for what I would expect for the draft class (as a group) to be a success. Rounded numbers seem a reasonable way of doing that. My take is that getting 20 WAR from the draft class ought to be do-able. Anything better would be exceptional. Much worse would be detrimental.

Obviously, the top three selections ought to account for much of the "bang for the buck" in the class. Ten wins could be a realistic call from the top guy, with seven more from the next two. The premise of "is this player likely to provide...?" might be a bit floor-conscious for some, but it's a reasonable way to remain grounded on the way to the draft.

The chase for 7

Gavin Cross of West Virginia remains injured.

Second chances

When prepping for the Maryland/Michigan game, I ran into this from Maryland Terrapin Maxwell Costes. Sign me up.

An Iowa starting pitcher is attracting interest.

High-90s from a sidearmer? Yikes.

People often expect only the first two or three choices to be useful. Down the line choices can pay out, as well. Regardless.

Jordan Beck is a legit second-day option (Round 3-10).

Here’s a possible top seven this summer:

1. Termarr Johnson, infield, HS (GA)
2. Druw Jones, center field, HS (GA)
3. Brooks Lee, shortstop, Cal Poly
4. Chase DeLauter, outfield, James Madison
5. Jace Jung, second base, Texas Tech
6. Elijah Green, outfield IMG Academy
7. Dylan Lesko, right-handed pitcher, HS (GA)