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MLB creates $1 million fund to help ballpark workers

Well, it’s something.

Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Last week, I posted an article here noting that the MLB Players Association had created a $1 million fund to assist ballpark workers affected by MLB owners’ lockout of players.

Today, Major League Baseball announced it was creating a similar fund, also at $1 million, which is aimed specifically helping workers who would have worked at Arizona and Florida Spring Training games, many of which have been cancelled.

MLB said in a press release that this fund will be available to all part-time and seasonal workers, including (but not limited to) concessionaires, grounds crew, security, clubhouse and general ballpark and game operators. An additional fund will be created by MLB and teams for seasonal and part-time workers affected by missed Regular Season games with details to be announced at a future date.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement:

We know that our sport is facing a challenging time as we work toward a new collective bargaining agreement. Regrettably, the people who make Spring Training a first-class experience for our fans have been affected through no fault of their own. As an institution, Major League Baseball and our Clubs remain committed to supporting our most vulnerable staff. We hope this fund will alleviate some of the financial concerns they have faced due to missed Grapefruit and Cactus League games this spring.

This will be helpful for ballpark workers in Arizona and Florida who haven’t been able to work games. Right now it seems likely more Spring Training games will be cancelled.

All the rest of us can do is hope that baseball resumes soon.