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2022 Cubs TV schedule for games not broadcast on Marquee Sports Network

The Cubs’ channel will carry most games... here’s the ones you’ll find on other channels.

Al Yellon

Marquee Sports Network will carry about 150 Cubs games this year.

I say “about” because some of the national networks that carry MLB games don’t have complete schedules out yet. That includes ESPN and the new Apple TV+ and Peacock deals with MLB.

Fox’s schedule is more or less complete through mid-September and includes Saturday exclusive games as well as games on FS1 that will also be seen on teams’ regional sports networks.

As of today, here are the 2022 Cubs games that will not be shown by Marquee and the channel or service you will find them on (all times Central, home games in boldface):

May 8, vs. Dodgers at Wrigley Field, 6:08: ESPN
May 13, vs. Diamondbacks at Phoenix, 8:40: Apple TV+
May 28, vs. White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field, 6:15: Fox
June 4, vs. Cardinals at Wrigley Field, 6:15: Fox
June 11, vs. Yankees at New York, 6:15: Fox
June 24, vs. Cardinals at St. Louis, 7:15: Apple TV+
July 2, vs. Red Sox at Wrigley Field, 6:15: Fox
August 11, vs. Reds at Dyersville, Iowa, 6:15: Fox (Field of Dreams Game)

That’s eight games. Apple TV+, Peacock and ESPN will have more games announced later and it’s possible some more Cubs games will be on those services. I would guess the Cubs will wind up on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball again; Cubs games do well for ESPN even when the Cubs are not a contending team.

The games listed on Apple TV+ will be free to anyone who has an internet connection and/or Apple’s TV app. Beyond June, it seems likely you will have to subscribe to Apple TV+ to get their broadcasts.

The following games will be on Marquee and also on FS1:

August 6, vs. Marlins at Wrigley Field, 1:20
August 20, vs. Brewers at Wrigley Field, 1:20

Fox will also carry two Thursday night regional games (6 p.m. CT) in September, the 15th and 22nd, and a Saturday night regional game, also at 6 p.m. CT, on October 1. A reminder that if you subscribe to MLB.TV or MLB Extra Innings, you can watch Fox games even if they are not being carried by the Fox-TV affiliate in your market.