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Keegan Thompson’s suspension has been reduced to two games

This should not surprise you.

Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

When Keegan Thompson was suspended for three games for throwing at Andrew McCutchen last weekend, I speculated that on appeal that would be reduced to two games. That’s a typical reduction when a player appeals, which Thompson did.

Then Thursday, Thompson threw 45 pitches in the win against the Rockies at Coors Field. That likely would have made him unavailable for the rest of the series. So, I speculated again in the game recap:

I suppose, if the Cubs wanted to, they could drop Thompson’s suspension appeal now and let him sit out the next three games as he’s probably not going to pitch during that time anyway. JD mentioned this as a possibility during the broadcast.

The appeal was apparently not dropped, and:

How convenient for everyone. Thompson will lose two days’ pay and be fined (which, I suspect, will be made up by “passing the hat” among his teammates), and he’ll sit out two games that he wouldn’t have pitched in anyway.

Thus, no loss to the team, except that they’ll be playing one man short today and tomorrow, because suspended players cannot be replaced on the active roster.

Thus, this incident is closed and we do not have to await any developments. Carry on.