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Outside The Confines: The 3,000-hit man

A huge milestone was the big news of the weekend.

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Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

It couldn’t have played out more perfectly if it had been scripted for a movie. First, the villainous Yankees refused to pitch to Miguel Cabrera on Thursday, walking him intentionally during the at-bat that could have been his big moment. Then Friday it was a rain storm that postponed the first game of the Tigers/Rockies series, pushing the big day back a little further.

Saturday dawned bright and warm. Miguel Cabrera’s kids, who he said weren’t allowed to skip school for the weekday games, were waiting in the stands, along with over 35,000 Detroit fans. Former Tigers players were on the Rockies roster that day, and it seemed like every player was just waiting for the big moment.

They didn’t need to wait long. In the bottom of the first inning, Cabrera was the third to bat, and he arrived at the plate to a standing ovation. He did exactly what he’s done best his whole career and hit a perfectly placed single the opposite way. Hit 3,000. Rockies shortstop — and former Tiger — Jose Iglesias was the first across the field to embrace Cabrera, and then the home team dugout emptied. Cabrera’s family joined them in the onfield ruckus, and for one moment the pace of play didn’t matter. It was a moment decades in the making, and for Cabrera, one last checkbox ticked in a first-ballot Hall of Fame career.

It’s also a moment we won’t see again any time soon, with the most likely candidates to get there either likely to retire before they make it (Robinson Cano or Joey Votto), or so young it will take more than 10 years to get there (Bryce Harper or Mike Trout). Whether you’re a Tigers fan or not, it doesn’t matter. It was an incredible moment in a brilliant career, and absolutely the biggest story of the weekend.

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