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Outside The Confines: A “Dear Brian” letter reveal

As it turns out that Yankees letter isn’t all that revealing.

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Hello lovely BCB readers. Josh is a bit under the weather today, so you will have to accept me as a substitute for OTC. Provided he’s feeling a bit better later you can hopefully expect the return of Minor League Wrap either late this evening or early tomorrow morning. Thanks for your understanding!

I won’t dive too much into the details, because I have some links below that handle that for me, but a news story you’re likely to be hearing a lot about this coming week is the reveal of the “Yankees letter” which is a letter from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.

The letter basically details MLB knowledge of the Yankees technology violations in the 2015 and 2016 seasons (before the big fuss around the Astros scandal). Overall, according to the ESPN article, “Manfred informed the Yankees that MLB’s investigation found that the team’s players watched the monitors in 2015 and 2016 to discern pitch-sequence information that was then relayed to baserunners in the hope that they could communicate this to the batter.”

The Yankees were, at the time, fined $100,000 and the fines went to Hurricane Irma relief. However, they did manage to avoid the same public outcry and sentiment that went to the Astros following their own scandal only a few years later (though it’s worth noting that following the Yankees letter but before the Astros scandal a memo was sent out to all MLB teams regarding sign-stealing.)

It’s worth reading through the finer points of the findings, not to point blame at anyone, but to see a genesis from “everyone does it and no one talks about it” to where we are now in a post-Astros baseball landscape. There are a few more articles in the links below about the letter.

But first... puppies.

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