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Brewers 9, Cubs 1: Do-it-yourself recap

Yes, it’s time for another one of these.

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Cubs’ 9-1 demolition at the hands of the Brewers Saturday night in Milwaukee definitely called for another game recap where I give you several choices of words. Fun! (More fun than the game, anyway.)

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The Cubs never had a chance in this game. They the Brewers.

About that score:

The Brewers scored

The Cubs scored
The Cubs' run was driven in by

Justin Steele was the Cubs starter and he was victimized, as have so many Cubs starters lately, by bad defense early. Errors were made by .

The Cubs bullpen . It didn't really matter because after the Cubs got to within two runs, the Brewers .

This was the Cubs' most lopsided defeat since Before this series began, the Cubs' run differential was . Now their run differential is -2.

Cubs batters who got hits in this game were

With runners in scoring position, the Cubs had

The Cubs' record is now
But that doesn't matter, because

Sunday afternoon in Milwaukee, the Cubs will

In that game, the Cubs will send Marcus Stroman to the mound to face Corbin Burnes, and Marcus will...

Sunday's game will be televised on

Manager David Ross' comments after Sunday's game included:

Here is the Cubs’ only run of the game [VIDEO].

Here is a nice play made by Ian Happ in left field [VIDEO].

Here are more of David Ross’ postgame comments on Justin Steele [VIDEO].

Fun fact from this game:

One last bit of summary of this loss: If you’ll recall, the Cubs looked pretty good while winning six of their first 10 games this year. Since then, they have lost nine of 11. They are probably not quite as good as they were during the first 10, but neither are they as bad as they have looked over those last 11, in which they have been outscored 57-46. (The 21-run outburst against the Pirates was pretty much negated by the 20 runs they’ve allowed the last two games.)

Perhaps today will be better.