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Outside The Confines: Cycle-ist

Christian Yelich makes some modern baseball history.

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Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

It was a big day for Christian Yelich on Thursday as he did something fairly remarkable for a game that loves to keep track of momentous things. Yelich became the first player in modern-era baseball to hit three cycles in his career.

Daniel Chavkin looked at the big moment for SI, pointing out that it was part of another dismal Reds loss, with Yelich’s big milestone taking a lot of the attention away from the Cincinnati club’s slide into mediocrity. The Brewers are obviously off to a great start (let’s not dwell on it), and it’s hard to say whether the Yelich cycle was insult to injury for the Reds, or just a nice distraction.

Will Sammon also used the milestone to reflect on Yelich’s recent career ups and downs ($ Athletic) and ask whether or not this is an indication the former MVP might be making a comeback. Only time will tell.

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