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Cub Tracks’ ill at ease

The latest in our long-running series of #Cubs-related news articles. This one fell short.

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Welcome to your weekend, and today’s episode of Cub Tracks news and notes™, featuring material from current beat writers, bloggers, and the occasional in-house habitué, moonlighting. These pieces center around #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB baseball.

Friday night, Drew Smyly (whose real first name is Todd) opposed former Cub Zack Davies, whose offerings baffled the Cubs in their first meeting. The game was available via Apple TV+, who wisely chose not to black the broadcast out, so I was able to see the game and that concrete mausoleum the D-Backs play in, and to hear the dulcet tones of former Chicagoan (ok, Markham native) and Cub outfielder Cliff Floyd (Mark Mulder and Steve Trout also went to Thornwood HS, Floyd’s alma mater).

I didn’t hate the broadcast crew. I didn’t love them, but they didn’t make me throw anything or even gnash my teeth much. They left plenty of air, didn’t talk much about anything not-baseball. I was a little disappointed that Heidi Watney didn’t say flat-out at any point, but that’s the way the ball bounces. It was better than listening to a Mexican radio... the graphics and statcasting were cool. More of that please. My Twitter feed didn’t like the broadcast at all. I’m going to sub for a month for 4.99 so as to see “Prehistoric Planet”, so the advertising worked, too.

Speaking of bounces, Rafael Ortega awarded the D-Backs some extra bases in the bottom of the third, when both teams traded odd numbers and came out even. I suppose it would be disrespectful to ask Jason Heyward to play right sometimes? But hey, Jonathan Villar is at second. I guess you have to dance with who brung ya, hats or no hats, but still, Arizona is a pretty good team. You can’t give them extra outs.

It was like that. If you can’t score off of Zach Davies, maybe you don’t deserve to win. Smyly didn’t pitch badly at all. The Cubs had some chances, especially late, but failed to cash in, and another one-run game was added to the loss total.

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