Players who hit 3 homers in games against Cubs

The 3 home runs hit by Josh Rojas of the Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field on Friday afternoon extended a peculiar streak.

At least 1 player has homered 3 times in a game against the Cubs for 6 straight seasons, 2017-22.

Their second-longest such streak is just 3 seasons, 1948-50.


There have been 34 games since 1901 in which a player hit at least 3 homers off Cubs pitchers. Only 1 player, Albert Pujols, did it twice, in 2004 and 2010.

The second of those was the first of 3 such games against the Cubs in 2010. Then they did not allow 3 homers to any batter again until 2017.

The batters who homered in the current streak:

8/03/2017: Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks

7/20/2018: Matt Carpenter, Cardinals

7/01/2019: Josh Bell, Pirates

8/10/2019: Aristides Aquino, Reds

8/22/2020: Jose Abreu, White Sox

7/08/2021: Brad Miller, Phillies

5/20/2022: Josh Rojas, Diamondbacks



Both games in 2019 came on the road. All the others were at Wrigley Field.

In all, 22 of the 34 games in which a player hit 3 homers against the Cubs were at Wrigley, including both by Pujols.

There were 2 such games at Wrigley in 3 seasons:

1985: Andre Dawson, Expos, and Darryl Strawberry, Mets

1999: Jeff Bagwell, Reds, and Greg Vaughn, Brewers

2010: Albert Pujols, Cardinals and Drew Stubbs, Reds


The breakdown by opponent of the 22 games at Wrigley:

4: Phillies and Reds

3: Cardinals

2: Braves and Diamondbacks

1: Astros, Dodgers, Expos, Giants, Mets, Pirates and White Sox


Of the 12 games on the road, 5 were at Cincinnati, 2 at Brooklyn, 2 at Pittsburgh and 1 each at Arizona, Boston vs. the Braves, and Milwaukee.

Total games of 3 or more homers by opponents:

9: Reds

4: Phillies

3: Cardinals, Braves, Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Pirates

1: Astros, Brewers, Expos, Giants, Mets, White Sox



The 33 different players who hit 3 or more homer against the Cubs include such well-known sluggers as Jose Abreu, Jeff Bagwell, Jay Bruce, Jeromy Burnitz, Orlando Cepeda, Andre Dawson, Paul Goldschmidt, Albert Pujols, Mike Schmidt, Willie Stargell, Darryl Strawberry, Greg Vaughn and Joey Votto.

But notably absent from that list: Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Eddie Mathews, Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Mark McGwire, Mel Ott and Frank Robinson.

All hit at least 500 career homers and played many seasons, sometimes all, with National League teams.


Rojas' 3 homers increased his total to 16 in his 4 big league seasons.

That is the fewest among any of the 33 on the 3-homer list against the Cubs.

Jim Tobin hit the fewest in a completed career, 17. He is the only pitcher on the list, having smacked 2 solo homers, then a go-ahead 2-run shot, as the Braves beat the Cubs, 6-5, at Boston on May 13, 1942.

His homers came consecutively, in the fifth, seventh and ninth innings, after he had flied out to deep right his first time up. The previous day, he had homered as a pinch hitter, so he hit 4 homers in a span of 5 at bats.

Tobin's first career homer had come at Wrigley Field in 1939. After his 3-homer game, he never hit another home run against the Cubs, finishing with 5 against them, in 108 plate appearances.

Tommy Brown had 3 homers in a game against the Cubs and just 31 in his career. Aristides Aquino, still active, has hit 32.

Gene Hermanski, also on the list, finished with 46. Darnell Coles hit 75; Willie Green, 86; and Drew Stubbs, 92.



Only one team has surrendered at least 3 homers to an opposing players in more games than the 34 by the Cubs: the Phillies, with 37.

The Twins are next, with 31 (first 5 as Senators). The Orioles have 30 (first 8 as Browns).

11 of the 37 against the Phillies were hit by Cubs: Brant Brown, Andre Dawson, Babe Herman, Dave Kingman, Clyde McCullough, Rick Monday, Aramis Ramirez, Hank Sauer (2), Sammy Sosa and Hack Wilson.

No Cub has hit 3 homers against the Twins or Orioles.



The fewest 3-homer games, 4, have come against the Marlins and Rays.

Among longer-established expansion teams, the Astros have allowed the fewest, 10, followed by the Brewers, 12.

The Pirates have had the fewest such games among pre-expansion teams, 21. The Athletics and Pirates have had 22; the Reds and White Sox, 23.



As described in detail in a previous post, the Cubs lead in games in which a player hit at least 3 homers, with 41.

That is more than double the average of 20 by the 29 other teams.

The Reds are second, with 39. Then come the Red Sox (35), Guardians and Yankees (33) and Giants (30).

The Marlins (3) and Rays (6) have the fewest overall; the Royals (9), the fewest among longer-established expansion teams; and the White Sox (18) and Pirates (20), the fewest among pre-expansion teams.



Rojas' 3 homers against the Cubs on Friday raised the total to 633 games of 3 or more by a player since 1901, an average of 5 per season.

There have been 4 already this year, all but Rojas' in the American League, by Vladimir Guerrero of the Blue Jays, former Cub Anthony Rizzo of the Yankees; and Trevor Story of the Red Sox.

Last season, there were 18, including by Rafael Ortega of the Cubs, at Washington, on Aug. 1.



The Cubs lost that game, 6-5. They are 29-12 when a player has hit 3 homers.

They are 3-31 when an opposing player homers 3 times. The wins were over the Dodgers, 9-7, in 1950; over the Pirates, 10-8, in 1987; and over the Diamondbacks, 4-3, in 2004.

All 3 wins came on the road. At home, the Cubs are 0-22 when surrendering 3 homers to a player. Only once did they come within even 2 runs of winning: the 18-16, 10-inning loss to the Phillies in 1976 in which Mike Schmidt hit 4 homers, the last in the 10th.

All teams are 532-98-3, an .843 winning percentage, when a player hits at least 3 homers: 246-53-0, .823, at home and 286-45-3, .861 on the road.

Note that there have been 324 games in which a player homered at least 3 times on the road, 15 more than the 309 at home.

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