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Outside The Confines: To name or not to name

This might just annoy me.

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As I prepared today’s links post I was watching the Rays/Yankees game in the background, and during a few key moments while I found myself focused on the TV, I would watch the Yankees make great plays and have to wait for the announcer to remind me just who was making the play.

The Yankees are one of a small handful of teams that do not put player names on the back of their jerseys. And frankly, it makes me absolutely crazy. While I understand they take the “legacy” of being a Yankee very seriously, and that just wearing the jersey is meant to be reward enough without your name on the back, it feels like it robs the players of their identity, and it just bothers me.

I know it’s a small thing to be annoyed by, but it gets under my skin whenever I happen to catch them playing. And more than just want it means to player identity, it just makes it hard to know who is making each play, especially when you don’t follow the Yankees closely. Am I the only one who gets rankled by this?


Is the Yankees nameless jersey design annoying?

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  • 24%
    It never really bothered me.
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  • 5%
    Well, now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s GOING to annoy me.
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And tomorrow will be a better day, Buster. Make it so.