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Outside The Confines: Rainouts, losing streaks, and Mother’s Day

It was a busy weekend.

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Kansas City Royals v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

We’ve officially hit the one-month mark of the season, something reflected in quite a few articles below, with special attention paid to certain teams. The Reds are having a historically bad start, not just for them but for baseball, and if they continue along their path they might make history this year for all the wrong reasons. Likewise, teams like the Red Sox and Tigers have managed to continue their dismal losing streaks

Then, of course, there was the annual Mother’s Day game on Sunday, which you could be forgiven for barely noticing with the hats this season, which were a grey/beige combo that had subtle pink details on it, but from a distance just looked beige. A few items were pink like stockings, batting gloves, etc, but it seemed a lot less pink than it has in previous years.

Friday also saw a weirdly historic moment for MLB as six games needed to be postponed due to rain issues, which was the most in a single day since 2018. Gotta love that spring weather. At least it wasn’t snow.

Now onto the links!

And tomorrow will be a better day, Buster. Make it so.