Rival players with most hits at Wrigley Field

A previous post looked at players who have made at least 1,000 hits at a specific ballpark.

Last week, Joey Votto of the Reds became the 73rd such player, and Great American Ballpark became the 30th different park.

The post listed 7 Cubs who have made at least 1,000 hits at Wrigley Field:

1,372: Ernie Banks (14th most by any player at any park)

1,314: Billy Williams (17th)

1,258: Ryne Sandberg (24th)

1,172: Mark Grace (tied for 39th)

1,165: Ron Santo (tied for 41st)

1,123: Stan Hack (tied for 50th)

1,005: Sammy Sosa (71st)

That got me wondering which opposing players had made the most hits at Wrigley.



Based on my research of data at, the record belongs to Hank Aaron, with 242 hits.

Just 7 others had at least 200:

236: Willie Mays

234: Stan Musial

231: Paul Waner

230: Mel Ott

208: Frankie Frisch

206: Pete Rose

201: Roberto Clemente

Eleven more players had at least 150, from Paul Waner (150) to Red Schoendienst (189).

And 97 had between 100 (Tim McCarver and Bill Virdon) and 149 (Zack Wheat), for a total of 116 who reached triple digits.



The numbers above are career totals for each player.

Only 64 players, made at least 100 hits at Wrigley while a member of a specific team.

Technically, it's 63 players, as Frisch did it for 2 teams: 105 for the Giants and 103 for the Cardinals.

All of Aaron's 242 hits came for the Braves, so he remains No. 1. But Musial's 234, all for the Cardinals, ranks him second, and Ott's 230, all for the Giants, moves him up to third.

Then come Mays (224 for the Giants), Waner (203 for the Pirates) and Clemente (all 201 for the Pirates).

Rose had 154 hits at Wrigley for the Reds, 49 for the Phillies and 3 for the Expos.

Rose, as a Phillie, is among 8 players with 150-199 hits at Wrigley for a specific team. Fifty, including Frisch twice, had 100-149.

Jackie Robinson fell 1 hit short of joining the list. Albert Pujols currently has 96 as a Cardinal.



Here are the opposing players with the most home runs at Wrigley Field among those with at least 100 hits at the park:

54: Willie Mays

50: Hank Aaron and Mike Schmidt

38: Mel Ott

36: Eddie Mathews

32: Willie Stargell

29: Orland Cepeda, Albert Pujols and Duke Snider

28: Barry Bonds and Stan Musial

27: Gil Hodges and Tony Perez

26: Joe Adcock and Roberto Clemente

That's a total of 15 who had at least 25, as Willie McCovey is next, with 24.


Five players made at least 100 hits, none of them homers: Whitey Lockman (133 hits), Maury Wills (131), Rabbit Maranville (125), Jake Daubert (107) and Jimmy Wilson (102).

Nine more had just 1 homer, including Richie Ashburn (172 hits), Lloyd Waner (150), Ozzie Smith (124) and Larry Bowa (106).

Of all 116 players with 100 hits, 54 hit fewer than 10 home runs.



Mike Schmidt's 50 homers are 31.1 percent of his 161 hits.

Albert Pujols is a distant second in home run percentage, at 28.7 (29 of 101).

Barry Bonds, at 25.5 (28 of 110) is the only other player whose home runs exceeded one quarter of his hits.

The 8 others with at least 20 percent: Eddie Mathews (23.1), Willie Mays (22.9), Joe Adcock (22.8), Willie Stargell (22.2), Orlando Cepeda (21.6), Hank Aaron (20.7), Duke Snider (20.4) and Gil Hodges (20.1).

Willie McCovey is next, at 19.7.



Here are the highest batting averages at Wrigley among opposing players with at least 100 hits:

.368: Rogers Hornsby

.358: Joe Torre and Paul Waner

.355: Zack Wheat

.354: Al Oliver

.350: Bill Terry

.342: Andre Dawson and Willie Mays

.340: Hi Myers and Dixie Walker

.339: Richie Hebner and Ted Simmons

.337: Hank Aaron

.335: Tony Gwynn and Tony Perez

No one else higher than .328 (Roberto Clemente). A total of 52 players have batted at least .300 at Wrigley. Three others (Max Carey, Gus Suhr and Garry Templeton) finished at .299.



Here are the highest on-base percentages at Wrigley among opposing players with at least 100 hits:

.446: Rogers Hornsby

.430: Paul Waner

.422: Joey Votto and Joe Torre

.413: Willie Mays

.411: Richie Hebner

.410: Ted Simmons

.409: Arky Vaughan

.407: Mel Ott

.406: Bill Terry

.404: Andrew McCutcheon and Duke Snider

.403: Gus Suhr

That's a total of 13 with at least .400. Dixie Walker finished at .399.



Here are the highest slugging percentages at Wrigley among opposing players with at least 100 hits:

.664: Willie Mays

.653: Mike Schmidt

.612: Hank Aaron

.596: Joey Votto

.595: Albert Pujols

.594: Rogers Hornsby

.589: Andre Dawson

.577: Tony Perez

.574: Joe Adcock

.573: Bobby Bonilla

.570: Willie Stargell

.567: Mel Ott

.564: Barry Bonds

.563: Al Oliver

.561: Frank Robinson

.554: Ryan Braun

.552: George Kelly and Joe Torre

That's a total of 18 with at least .550. Orlando Cepeda and Duke Snider are next, at .542.



And here are the highest on-base plus slugging percentages at Wrigley among opposing players with at least 100 hits:

1.077: Willie Mays

1.048: Mike Schmidt

1.040: Rogers Hornsby

1.018: Joey Votto

.988: Hank Aaron and Albert Pujols

.975: Andre Dawson

.974: Mel Ott and Joe Torre

.960: Al Oliver

.958: Tony Perez and Frank Robinson

.956: Bobby Bonilla

.954: Barry Bonds

.953: Richie Hebner

.950: Willie Stargell

That's a total of 16 with at least .950. Duke Snider is next, at .946.

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