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Outside The Confines: Brawlout fallout

Get in a baseball brawl and get suspended... or worse

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Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Sunday’s big blowout between the Mariners and Angels was a big part of Josh’s Monday Links post, but in the days since we’ve seen the fallout from the big fracas, so here are some key updates.

It looks like Archie Bradley broke his elbow in the fight (SI) and a veritable laundry list of suspensions have been announced (ESPN) including a 10-game suspension for Angels’ manager Phil Nevin.

It goes to show that MLB won’t treat these brawls lightly, though that’s unlikely to stop them from occurring.

Now on to the rest of the links, including some more about the brawl (and the happier side notes surrounding it).

  • Do you have 43 seconds? Maybe you can become a two-way superstar.

And tomorrow will be a better day, Buster. Make it so.