Cubs with most hits at rivals' parks

A pair of previous posts looked at players who have made at least 1,000 hits at a specific ballpark, then opposing players who have made at least 100 hits at Wrigley Field.

Today: Cubs who have made at least 100 hits at rivals' parks.


15 different players reached 100 hits a total of 58 times at 18 different parks.

3 of them did it at 7 parks, including Stan Hack, whose 175 hits at Crosley Field in Cincinnati is the most by any Cub at any park other than Wrigley Field.

The 2 others with at least 100 at 7 parks were Phil Cavarretta and Gabby Hartnett.

Billy Herman and Ryne Sandberg each did it at 6 parks.

Ernie Banks and Charlie Grimm did it at 5. Banks' 5 include the second- and third-highest totals: 168 hits at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh and 164 at Crosley Field in Cincinnati.

The others with at least 100 hits at a park: Billy Williams (3); Bill Nicholson, Ron Santo, Frank Schulte, Riggs Stephenson and Joe Tinker (all 2); and Kiki Cuyler and Woody English (both 1).


Here are the top 12 hit totals by a Cub at any park:

175: Stan Hack, Crosley Field, Cincinnati

168: Ernie Banks, Forbes Field, Pittsburgh

164: Ernie Banks, Crosley Field

161: Stan Hack, Busch Stadium I, St. Louis

157: Phil Cavarretta, Ebbets Field, Brooklyn

154: Ernie Banks, Connie Mack Stadium/Shibe Park, Philadelphia

146: Phil Cavarretta, Crosley Field

145: Phil Cavarretta, Forbes Field

143: Phil Cavarretta, Braves Field, Boston

143: Stan Hack, Forbes Field

143: Gabby Hartnett, Baker Bowl, Philadelphia

141: Stan Hack, Braves Field

No other player has made more than 135 at a specific park.



Here is the number of Cubs who have made at least 100 hits at each park where they have done so:

7: Crosley Field, Cincinnati

6: Baker Bowl, Philadelphia

6: Braves Field, Boston

6: Busch Stadium I, St. Louis

6: Forbes Field, Pittsburgh

6: Polo Grounds V, New York

4: Connie Mack Stadium/Shibe Park, Philadelphia

4: Ebbets Field, Brooklyn

3: Candlestick Park, San Francisco

2: Robison Field, St. Louis

1: Busch Stadium II, St. Louis

1: County Stadium, Milwaukee

1: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

1: Olympic Stadium, Montreal

1: Polo Grounds IV, New York

1: Shea Stadium, New York

1: Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh

1: Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia


The 7 at Crosley Field range from 175 hits (Stan Hack) to 102 (Billy Williams).

Williams is the only Cub to reach triple digits at Dodger Stadium. Ernie Banks was the only one at County Stadium and Joe Tinker the only one at Polo Grounds IV.

At all 5 remaining parks where a lone Cub made 100 hits, the player was the same: Ryne Sandberg.



Here, in alphabetical order by park name, are the most hits by a Cub at National League parks where the Cubs have played a significant number of games. All players with at least 100 hits are listed where there were at least 2. At other parks, the top 2 are listed.

American Family Field, Milwaukee

65: Anthony Rizzo

58: Aramis Ramirez

Astrodome, Houston

86: Billy Williams

83: Glenn Beckert and Mark Grace

Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium

84: Ryne Sandberg

76: Don Kessinger

Baker Bowl, Philadelphia

143: Gabby Hartnett

130: Frank Schulte

115: Charlie Grimm

106: Billy Herman

103: Riggs Stephenson

101: Kiki Cuyler

Chase Field, Phoenix

32: Sammy Sosa

27: Starlin Castro

Braves Field, Boston

143: Phil Cavarretta

141: Stan Hack

132: Gabby Hartnett

120: Charlie Grimm

107: Bill Nicholson

105: Billy Herman

Busch Stadium I, St. Louis

161: Stan Hack

134: Phil Cavarretta

132: Ernie Banks and Billy Herman

112: Gabby Hartnett

104: Charlie Grimm

Busch Stadium II, St. Louis

109: Ryne Sandberg

92: Don Kessinger

Busch Stadium III, St. Louis

59: Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo

39: Aramis Ramirez

Candlestick Park, San Francisco

126: Billy Williams

102: Ryne Sandberg

100: Ron Santo

Citi Field, New York

28: Anthony Rizzo

21: Starlin Castro

Citizens Bank Ballpark, Philadelphia

25: Starlin Castro

24: Anthony Rizzo

Connie Mack Stadium/Shibe Park, Philadelphia

154: Ernie Banks

115: Phil Cavarretta and Stan Hack

104: Ron Santo

Coors Field, Denver

65: Sammy Sosa

45: Mark Grace

County Stadium, Milwaukee

110: Ernie Banks

60: Billy Williams

Crosley Field, Cincinnati

175: Stan Hack

164: Ernie Banks

146: Phil Cavarretta

127: Gabby Hartnett

125: Billy Herman

108: Riggs Stephenson

102: Billy Williams

Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

106: Billy Williams

94: Ron Santo

Ebbets Field, Brooklyn

157: Phil Cavarretta

135: Stan Hack

120: Gabby Hartnett

119: Charlie Grimm

Forbes Field, Pittsburgh

168: Ernie Banks

145: Phil Cavarretta

143: Stan Hack

134: Gabby Hartnett

127: Billy Herman

102: Woody English

Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati

68: Anthony Rizzo

65: Aramis Ramirez

Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

78: Mark Grace

73: Ryne Sandberg

Minute Maid Park, Houston

67: Aramis Ramirez

44: Derrek Lee and Sammy Sosa

Nationals Park, Washington

34: Anthony Rizzo

23: Starlin Castro

Olympic Stadium, Montreal

109: Ryne Sandberg

72: Mark Grace

Oracle Park, San Francisco

26: Starlin Castro

22: Kris Bryant

Petco Park, San Diego

31: Aramis Ramirez

25: Anthony Rizzo

PNC Park, Pittsburgh

89: Anthony Rizzo

64: Derrek Lee

Polo Grounds IV, New York

105: Joe Tinker

82: Frank Chance and Johnny Evers

Polo Grounds V, New York

135: Stan Hack

134: Gabby Hartnett

109: Billy Herman

108: Bill Nicholson

103: Phil Cavarretta and Charlie Grimm

Riverfront/Cinergy Stadium, Cincinnati

95: Mark Grace

91: Ryne Sandberg

Robison Field, St. Louis

117: Frank Schulte

104: Joe Tinker

Shea Stadium, New York

117: Ryne Sandberg

86: Mark Grace

SunLife Stadium, Miami

53: Sammy Sosa

40: Mark Grace

Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh

103: Ryne Sandberg

85: Mark Grace

Turner Field, Atlanta

33: Aramis Ramirez

30: Sammy Sosa

Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia

127: Ryne Sandberg

79: Mark Grace

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