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Outside The Confines: All-Star Week is here

We’ve seen the Future(s), now it’s time for the current superstars to step up.

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Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images

As we head into All-Star week, there are some events that have already been crossed off the ASG festivity schedule. The celebrity softball match is over, and I’m still not sure why they spent so much time promoting some guy named Bad Bunny when Bryan Cranston’s epic beard got so little screen time.

Speaking of Cranston, in what might be a first, the Breaking Bad actor was ejected from the softball game for scuffling with the umpire and throwing gum at him? While Oscar-winner JK Simmons restrained him. Anyway, this was brilliant, give him another Emmy.

The Futures Game is also over, and the MLB Draft kicked off on Sunday, and while I cannot take credit for them moving the draft to All-Star Week, it IS something I’ve been suggesting for literally years, so I’m going to secretly choose to believe they took my advice.

So what’s left on the agenda? Tonight we have the Home Run Derby to look forward to, and say what you will about the Derby, but last year it was easily the most fun part of the entire week of events. Then Tuesday it’s the big show, the 92nd annual All-Star Game. AL vs NL for absolutely no prize except pride and a car for the MVP.

What’s your favorite part of All-Star Week?

And now onto our regularly scheduled links!

And tomorrow will be a better day, Buster. Make it so.