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Cubs Reacts survey results: David Ross’ managing is middle of the pack

Most of you gave him a solid “C” for his efforts this year.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Much of what’s happened to David Ross as Cubs manager has been beyond his control. In his first year, 2020, the baseball season (as well as many other things!) was abbreviated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, in 2021, many of his players were sent away in the big trade deadline selloff.

This year, then, has been a year of experimentation by Ross to find any sort of combination that might win games. That’s in the face of multiple injuries, especially to the starting rotation.

A few days ago, we asked you to grade Ross’ performance this year. Here are the results:

This seems reasonable. A plurality of survey respondents gave him a “C,” with slightly more voting “B” than voting “D,” and an even split between “A” and “F.”

I voted “C,” and to break it down further, that’s really a C+, since as noted above a lot of the things that have pushed Ross’ overall managerial record well under .500 were beyond his control. I’d like to see how he does as some of the prospects now in the lower levels of the system come to the major leagues.

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