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Cub Tracks secures the meatloaf

The latest episode of our long-running series of #Cubs, #MLB, and #MiLB news. This one is delicious with brown gravy.

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Boston Red Sox v Chicago Cubs Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Welcome to today’s edition of Cub Tracks news and notes™, featuring material from current beat writers, bloggers, and the occasional in-house habitué, moonlighting. These pieces center around #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB baseball. We try to distill the zeitgeist into a fine piquancy, for your consumption.

These are the fun Cubs, when they’re winning and looking decent. The team has done a good job identifying players who might be major-league ballplayers and giving the the tools and opportunity to give it the ‘old college try’ — but you don’t want them to be too successful in that because it means they get away with ‘cheaping out’, i.e., maximizing the profit margin at the expense of competitiveness. Kind of a double-edged sword. I mean, you want to have some skill identifying players who might help your squad, but counting on those people as starters is chancy at best, as we’re seeing... but... I don’t want to say that the current squad is an exercise in cynically capitalizing on the tendency of Cubs fans to root for the underdog, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

On the plus side, Jonathan Villar is now an Angel. So that worked out. I wonder if he took any messages from Seiya Suzuki to Mike Trout.

Alec Mills has an issue (several sources say ‘lower back pain’ which he has been dealing for for quite awhile. He might be headed back to the IL). Mark Leiter, Jr., came in to succeed him on the mound in the top of the first, after seven pitches, and did very well, stymying the BoSox early while the Cubs rode a couple of gift runs, and in the end, only allowing one run in four-plus innings. And that was the only run the Cubs allowed on this fine Saturday in the park, two days before the fourth of July. Mychal Givens and David Robertson were just fine, thank you, and the Cubs have secured the meatloaf.

Really can’t say enough about the job Leiter did on short notice. That was clutch. Also clutch: pearls:

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Haha, we all expected this:

Food for Thought:

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