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ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Bingo: Trade Deadline edition

It’s been a brutal week for Cubs fans, so of course we get another national broadcast to make it worse

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Earlier this week I was walking by Wrigley Field as I noticed Jed Hoyer walking towards me on what appeared to be a very important phone call. I was sure he was discussing trading Willson Contreras, Ian Happ, and/or David Robertson for spare parts that may wind up helping the team in 2026 or so. I briefly considered interrupting to ask him if there was in fact a plan or if he was just winging it, but he looked too busy to bother.

It’s been a rough week for Cubs fans and the national broadcasts aren’t helping. You know what I’ve never needed in my life? An Apple TV+ crew starting off their show by explaining that Cubs fans are “used to” all their favorite players being dealt at the deadline. Between that and their insistence that Cubs fans should call Ian Happ “Happy” (absolutely not) I was groaning before the first inning was done.

Any reprieve fans could have possibly gotten on Saturday was ruined by the Giants conveniently scheduling Will Clark’s No. 22 retirement ceremony that day, because you know what my life needed? To relieve the pain of 1989 right before the Cubs trade my all-time favorite player. Despite ESPN’s Sunday Night crew being a considerable upgrade over previous renditions of that booth, I imagine tonight will be particularly bad.

So, I’m here to do my small part to make it just a tiny bit less painful. That’s right, ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Bingo is back. If you’d like a real challenge, make it a blackout game. Under no circumstances do I recommend making it a drinking game, but I’ll certainly be pouring a glass (or two) of wine while I play. Cheers!

Sunday Night Baseball Bingo
Sara Sanchez