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Outside The Confines: Who wants to buy a baseball team?

If we all pooled our funds...

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Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

$1.3 billion. That was the cost in 2018 when Jeffrey Loria sold the Miami Marlins to Derek Jeter and an ownership group investing with Jeter. It was a good investment, by the numbers, as Loria originally bought the team in 2002 for just under $160 million.

When Steve Cohen bought the Mets in 2020 he paid about $2.5 billion. That same year ownership of the Royals cost $1 billion. Billion with a B.

Those were the most recent sales of teams, and set a pretty good standard for what the market rate for a MLB club is going for right now. So this week when it was announced that the Angels’ owners, the Moreno family, were considering selling the club, everyone collectively started digging into their couch cushions. You can read the team’s statement below:

It will be interesting to see how this progresses, and whether or not it will be a group or business entity who buys the team (for example, Rogers Communications owns the Toronto Blue Jays) or just a really, really rich person. It will also be interesting to see how or if the sale impacts the team’s future decisions regarding superstar players like Shohei Ohtani and the ongoing bulky contract of Mike Trout.

Anyway, maybe if we all put a dollar in it could be the first fan-owned baseball team co-op. And just how much will that be? Well, Forbes estimates the team is worth about $2.2 billion, meaning the sale price could actually exceed that. Yikes. Might need to check a few more couches.

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