Cubs hitters in first 200 career games

The opener of Thursday's doubleheader at St. Louis was Nico Hoerner's 200th game.

He became the 108th position player whose first 200 big league games were as a Cub.

Two others played 199 games, then were traded to different teams.

Hoerner's batting statistics so far include a slash line of .284/.341/.382, for an OPS of .723.

He had made 184 hits, of which 29 were doubles, 4 were triples and 9 were home runs.

How do those numbers compare to those of the other Cubs in their first 200 games?



Hoerner's .284 ties him with Frank Chance for 19th best through 200 games.

Five players topped .300: Billy Herman (.312), Starlin Castro (.311), Johnny Moore (.307), Mark Grace (.306) and Matt Murton (.302).

Dwight Smith missed joining the group by 1 point, at .299. Woody English and Eddie Waitkus batted .298; Augie Galan, .297.

The others ahead of Hoerner:

.294: Albert Almora

.293: Frank Schulte

.291: Ken O'Dea and Rafael Palmeiro

.289: Andy Pafko

.288: Mike Fontenot

.287: George Grantham

.284: Frank Chance

Among the players with lower averages than Hoerner's:

.281: Gabby Hartnett

.278: Phil Cavarretta

.277: Kris Bryant, Willson Contreras, Ron Santo and Billy Williams

.274: Stan Hack

.268: Ernie Banks

.254: Lou Brock, Shawon Dunston and Ian Happ

.251: David Bote

.243: Glenn Beckert

.241: Javier Baez

.222: Kyle Schwarber

.213: Don Kessinger


Kessinger's average was the third lowest through 200 games. Gene Hiser batted .201; Jerry Kindall, .200.

Wondering where Anthony Rizzo is? He did not begin his career with the Cubs, playing his first 49 games with the Padres. In his first 200 games as a Cub, Rizzo batted .259.



Hoerner, at .341, is tied for 28th with Dave Martinez.

They are 1 point behind Frank Schulte and 3 behind Ron Santo and Jerome Walton. They are 1 ahead of Gene Baker, Wellington Castillo and Eddie Waitkus, and 2 ahead of Woody English and Billy Williams.

The top 10:

.406: Frank Chance

.383: Mark Grace

.382: Ken O'Dea

.380: Andre Thornton

.376: Augie Galan

.374: Kosuke Fukudome

.369: Kris Bryant and Matt Murton

.363: Mike Fontenot

.362: George Grantham

Others of note:

.352: Stan Hack

.344: Ron Santo

.338: Andy Pafko

.322: Phil Cavarretta

.319: Ernie Banks

Bottom 3:

.260: Bobby Sturgeon

.254: Don Kessinger

.231: Jerry Kindall



Hoerner has slugged .382, the same as Addison Russell. They share 57th place, 1 point behind Vic Saier, and 2 behind Dave Martinez and Corey Patterson. They are 1 ahead of Rip Russell and 2 ahead of Frank Demaree.

The top 10:

.491: Kris Bryant and Ian Happ

.489: Billy Williams

.486: Willson Contreras

.483: Brant Brown (199 games)

.476: Gabby Hartnett

.475: Geovany Soto

.471: Kyle Schwarber

.470: Rafael Palmeiro

.461: Mike Fontenot

Others of note:

.444: Ron Santo

.438: Ernie Banks

.410: Mark Grace

.409: Phil Cavarretta

.390: Andy Pafko

.352: Stan Hack

Bottom 3:

.283: Doug Dascenzo

.246: Don Kessinger

.240: Gene Hiser



Hoerner's .723 ranks 44th, 3 points behind Dave Martinez and 4 behind Andy Pafko. He is 1 point ahead of Roosevelt Brown, and 2 ahead of Lou Novikoff.

The top 10:

.860: Kris Bryant

.841: Willson Contreras

.840: Ian Happ

.834: Gabby Hartnett and Geovany Soto

.828: Billy Williams

.827; Matt Murton

.824: Mike Fontenot

.819: Ken O'Dea

.815: Augie Galan

Others of note:

.800: Kyle Schwarber

.792: Mark Grace

.788: Ron Santo

.758: Ernie Banks

.731: Phil Cavarretta

.717: Stan Hack

Bottom 3:

.536: Jerry Kindall

.521: Gene Hiser

.499: Don Kessinger



Hoerner and Matt Murton are tied for 40th with 184 hits, 1 behind Geovany Soto and 4 behind Peanuts Lowrey and Vic Saier. They are 1 ahead of Lou Brock and Willson Contreras, and 2 ahead of Sparky Adams.

The top 10:

263: Billy Herman

243: Starlin Castro

236: Woody English

235: Frank Schulte

225: Jerome Walton

224: Augie Galan and Eddie Waitkus

221: Dee Fondy and Don Johnson

219: Phil Cavarretta and Mark Grace

Others of note:

213: Andy Pafko

209: Kris Bryant and Ron Santo

206: Ernie Banks

196: Billy Williams

171: Stan Hack

161: Gabby Hartnett

Bottom 3:

97: Roosevelt Brown

81: Matt Szczur

51: Gene Hiser

All 3 were primarily pinch hitters, with no more than 382 at bats.

Next 3 lowest:

109: Doug Dascenzo

101: Pete LaCock

98: Jerry Kindall

All had at least 457 at bats.



Hoerner is among 7 players tied for 51st with 29.

The others are Javier Baez, Roosevelt Brown, Gabby Hartnett, Ken O'Dea, Corey Patterson and Wayne Terwilliger.

Dee Fondy, Randy Jackson and Rip Russell are just ahead of them, with 30.

Just behind them, with 28, are Glenn Beckert, Ian Happ, Ken Hubbs, Andy Pafko and Frank Schulte.

The top 10:

52: Starlin Castro

50: Billy Herman

49: Ron Santo

46: George Grantham

45: Don Johnson, Rafael Palmeiro and Geovany Soto

44: Wellington Castillo

43: Gene Baker, Shawon Dunston and Eddie Waitkus

Others of note:

41: Kris Bryant

37: Willson Contreras

36: Phil Cavarretta and Mark Grace

26: Ernie Banks

23: Billy Williams

21: Stan Hack

Bottom 3:

14: Dick Bertell and Cy Williams

7: Gene Hiser and Don Kessinger



Hoerner and Ken Hubbs are the only players who had exactly 9 home runs in their first 200 big league games, all as a Cub.

A total of 58 hit at least 10, so they share 59th place.

The top 10:

46: Kyle Schwarber

37: Kris Bryant

36: Ian Happ

33: Willson Contreras and Billy Williams

29: Ernie Banks

27: Geovany Soto

26: Bob Speake

25: Tyler Colvin, Bill Serena and Jorge Soler

Others of note:

23: Javier Baez and Gabby Hartnett

21: Ron Santo

13: Phil Cavarretta and Andy Pafko

10: Mark Grace

4: Stan Hack

Seven players hit 1 homer in their first 200 games: Frank Chance, Billy Herman, Gene Hiser, Don Kessinger, Johnny Kling, Rey Sanchez and Heinie Zimmerman.

Of those 7, Herman had the most at bats, 844, and Hiser the fewest, 254.

Johnny Evers had no homers in 728 at bats during his first 200 games. Bobby Sturgeon had none in 616 at bats.

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