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ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Bingo: The last Cubs appearance of the year edition

For some reason the Cubs and Giants are on ESPN tonight

Al Yellon

When the schedule comes out for national broadcasts at the start of each season the second half national broadcasts are generally “to be determined.” It allows the national broadcasters the flexibility to identify games that are critical to pennant races down the stretch so that we are all watching meaningful September baseball during Sunday night’s showcase game on ESPN.

And yet, for some reason, tonight’s national broadcast will feature the 66-73 San Francisco Giants taking on the 58-81 Chicago Cubs. Yep, someone looked at the schedule and thought we all deserved a hefty September dose of mediocrity. If the weather cooperates and there is a long enough break in the rain to play this game tonight, baseball fans will be treated to a riveting matchup between the Giants bullpen and Wade Miley — at least Miley’s quick pace will provide ample fodder for a robust discussion of MLB’s 2023 rules changes, which, in fact, they say they will do for at least one of them:

When that comes up, we’ve got you covered on the traditional ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Bingo card. Make it a blackout game if you are looking for a real challenge.

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Bingo
Sara Sanchez