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Outside The Confines: A familiar face heads to Tigertown

Scott Harris is a name that might ring bells for Cubs fans.

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After the recent exit of longtime Tigers’ GM Al Avila, the question on everyone’s mind was: who would the team hire to attempt to right the Tigers' sinking rebuild? After this week, we have what seems to be the answer, though there’s been a bit of a title change.

San Fransisco Giants GM Scott Harris has been announced as the new president of baseball operations for the Detroit Tigers. While Harris has not been officially called the GM, and often the GM role reports to the president of baseball operations, it’s also possible that Harris could be doing both jobs. So the Tigers might not be done announcing leadership changes, but Harris does appear to be the new man in the big chair.

It doesn’t hurt that the Tigers are undefeated since his arrival.

Harris is a name and face that will be familiar to Cubs fans as Harris was a part of the front office during the Theo Epstein World Series era, initially as director of baseball operations and then as assistant general manager. He was with the Cubs from 2012-19, before he left to take the job of GM in San Francisco.

More on the Harris signing:

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