Cubs who drove home only 2 runs in wins

When the Cubs won at Miami, 2-1, on Tuesday, David Bote delivered both runs, with a seventh-inning solo homer and an eighth-inning sacrifice fly.

Since 1901, only one previous Cub had homered and hit a run-scoring fly in a 2-1 win: Ernie Banks, at Los Angeles, in 1963.

One more had homered and hit a sac fly in a 2-0 win: Johnny Callison, at San Diego, in 1971.

Those were easy to find, using the search tools at to list games that the Cubs won in which they scored 2 runs and had 2 runs batted in, 1 homer and 1 sacrifice fly.


But what about other victories by 2-0 or 2-1?

In how many of those did the same player drive home both runs?

In how many did he do so in separate innings?

In how many did he do so with a pair of hits?

The only way to answer those questions was to examine the box score of individual games.

So I did.


Through Thursday, the Cubs have won 9,532 games since 1901.

They won 668 of them, 7 percent, when they scored just 2 runs.

In 106 of those 668, there was only 1 RBI. The most recent was a 2-0 win at home over the Marlins on June 20 of last year, in which the Cubs' first run came on a passed ball.

In 19 more, there were no RBI. That happened last on July 15, 2011, also by 2-0, at home against the Marlins. The second baseman dropped a popup with 2 outs and 2 on, allowing both runners to score.

That left 543 games with 2 RBI to examine.



It turns out that Tuesday's win was just the 129th in which the same Cub knocked in both of the team's runs in a victory -- slightly less than 1 of every 4 wins with 2 runs.

And it was only the 32nd -- 1 of every 17 -- in which the player did it in 2 plate appearances.

Bote became the 29th different player with RBI in different innings in a 2-run win.



The 3 who did it twice were Augie Galan, Bill Nicholson and Eddie Miksis. All did it in 2-1 games.


On Aug. 24, 1936, Galan doubled home a run in the 8th inning and hit a walk-off single in the 11th to beat the Reds.

A little less than 3 years later, he beat them at Cincinnati with an RBI double in the 1st and a homer in the 7th.


Nicholson had walk-off singles in both of his games. He singled in the 7th and 9th against the Cardinals on Oct. 1, 1939, then walked with the bases loaded in the 4th and singled in the 10th against the Reds on June 17, 1944.


Miksis got an RBI on a forceout in the 2nd against the Reds on April 24, 1955, then homered in the 5th.

On June 10, 1956, he homered in the 2nd against the Phillies, then won the game with a single in the 11th.


Those were the Cubs' only 2-runs wins in a span of more than 25 years in which the same player drove in both runs in different innings.

Gabby Hartnett had become the 8th different player with such a game on July 11, 1934.

The next to do it after Galan, Nicholson and Miksis was Earl Averill, on May 31, 1960.

Bote on Tuesday was the 17th to do it since Averill.



On Sunday, Sept. 18, 1904, the Cubs hosted the Reds at the West Side Grounds.

With 2 out and nobody on in the first inning, Shad Barry singled. He took second on a passed ball, then raced home on a single by Jack McCarthy.

The Reds tied the game in the seventh on a single and a triple by Harry Steinfeldt.

Then pitchers Button Briggs of the Cubs and Tom Walker of the Reds matched scoreless innings through the top of the 17th.

In the bottom of that inning, Briggs made his second single in 7 at bats. Jimmy Slagle followed with his third hit. Walker then hit Doc Casey, loading the bases.

Barry, already with 4 hits, popped up. But McCarthy lined a single to right field, ending the marathon battle after 3 hours, 23 minutes.


The Cubs have won 6 more games since that day with 2 runs when same player produced his second RBI in extra innings.

The latest inning of those 6 was the 12th, when Ernie Banks hit his sacrifice fly at Los Angeles on April 16, 1963.

On Oct. 1, 1907, Pat Moran beat the Giants with a sac fly in the 11th, after he had homered in the 9th.

Galan and Miksis delivered walk-off singles in the 11th, as described above.

Sparky Adams, Nicholson and Pete LaCock singled home winning runs in the 10th.



Of the 64 plate appearances that produced the runs in the 32 wins, 30 ended in singles.

Players hit 6 doubles, 1 triple and 16 home runs.

Nicholson, in 1944, was the only player to get an RBI on a walk.

Other runs came on 5 sacrifice flies, 2 bunts, 2 fielder's choices and a groundout.

The lone triple was hit by Ray Grimes, in a 2-1 win over the Pirates at home on Sept. 28, 1923. It tied the score in the 4th inning. Then he homered in the 7th, making him the first player to have a home run among his 2 run-scoring PA.


On May 31, 1975, Jose Cardenal homered in the bottom of the 4th off Andy Messersmith of the Dodgers.

Then he victimized Messersmith again in the 6th.

Rick Reuschel of the Cubs gave up only a 2-out RBI single in the 8th in a 3-hit, 11-strikeout complete game.

Fred McGriff duplicated Cardenal's 2 solo homers in a 2-1 win against the Cardinals on June 21, 2002. He hit them in the 4th and 7th.

Seiya Suzuki then joined the club on April 12 of this year, when he homered in the 5th and 7th of a 2-1 win at Pittsburgh.



None of the 16 homers in wins with 2 runs by the same player in separate innings were walk-offs.

There were 9 walk-offs among the 32 games. All but 1 ended on singles. The exception was Moran's 11th-inning sacrifice fly against the Giants in 1907.

10 of the Cubs' 97 wins in which a player drove home both runs in the same at bat were walk-offs.

1 was on a single, by Frank Chance, in the 10th inning, 1907.

3 were on doubles, all in the 9th, by Joe Tinker (1906), Harry Steinfeldt (1910) and Dave Rader (1978).

And 6 were on home runs, by Andy Pafko (1944), Claude Passeau (1946), Frank Secory (1946), Dave Kingman (1979), Glenallen Hill (1993) and Howard Johnson (1995).

Secory's came in the 12th; the others, in the 9th.



Passeau is among a surprising 6 pitchers who had produced both of the Cubs' runs in a win.

The first was Hippo Vaughn, who delivered RBI singles in the 5th and 7th innings of a 2-1 win at Cincinnati on May 3, 1920.

Passeau's 2-run homer came on June 6, 1946.

17 more years passed before Dick Ellsworth singled home 2 runs in a win at St. Louis on July 15, 1963.

Then it happened twice in less than 3 years.

On June 21, 1964, Larry Jackson tied the game at Pittsburgh with an RBI single in the 3rd and broke the tie with a run-scoring single in the 9th.

On April 23, 1966, Ferguson Jenkins homered off Don Sutton of the Dodgers with 2 out in the 5th to give the Cubs a 1-0 lead. His single with 2 out in the 7th made it 2-0 and neither team scored again.

Remarkably, Jenkins was not the Cubs' starter. Bob Hendley was, and he gave up 5 hits and walked 4 before Jenkins got a bases-loaded fly out to end the third inning.

Jenkins worked 5.1 innings, in which he allowed 4 singles, walked none and struck out 3. Ted Abernathy pitched the 9th.

The only pitcher to drive home both runs in a win in the last 57 years was Jason Hammel, whose 4th-inning single made the difference in a 2-1 win at St. Louis on April 19, 2016.



In 7 games, the same Cub made 2 singles, each of which scored 1 of the Cubs' 2 runs.

Here are all the distinct combinations of plays by Cubs batters, in the order they happened, that resulted in the only runs in wins:

Single and single: 7

Single and homer: 2

Single and sacrifice fly: 2

Single and bunt: 1

Double and single: 1

Double and homer: 1

Triple and homer: 1

Homer and single: 2

Homer and homer: 3

Homer and sacrifice fly: 2

Walk and single: 1

Sacrifice fly and homer: 1

Bunt and single: 2

Fielder's choice and single: 1

Fielder's choice and home run: 1

Groundout and single: 1




(In chronological order, with hits-at bats after player's name, then plays that drove in runs, followed in parentheses by innings of plays. Asterisk indicates final score was 2-0; all others were 2-1)


1904-09-18, vs CIN: Jack McCarthy, 3-7, S, walk-off S (1st, 17th)

1907-10-01, vs NYG: Pat Moran, 2-5, S, walk-off SF (9th, 11th)

1912-06-26*, at CIN: Joe Tinker, 1-3, SH, S (1st, 8th)

1914-05-23, vs BSN: Bill Sweeney, 2-4, S, walk-off S (2nd, 9th)

1920-05-03, at CIN: Hippo Vaughn, 2-4, S, S (5th, 7th)

1923-09-28, vs PIT: Ray Grimes, 2-3, T, HR (4th, 7th)

1924-07-18, vs PHI: Sparky Adams, 2-4, FC, walk-off S (6th, 10th)

1934-07-11, at BSN: Gabby Hartnett, 2-4, D, S (2nd, 5th)

1936-08-24, vs CIN: Augie Galan, 2-5, D, walk-off S (8th, 11th)

1939-08-16, at CIN: Galan, 2-4, D, HR (1st, 7th)

1939-10-01, vs STL: Bill Nicholson, S, walk-off S (7th, 9th)


1944-06-17, vs CIN: Nicholson, 1-3, W, walk-off S (4th, 10th)

1955-04-24, vs CIN: Eddie Miksis, 1-3, FC, HR (2nd, 5th)

1956-06-10, vs PHI: Miksis, 2-5, HR, walk-off S (2nd, 11th)

1960-05-31, at SFG: Earl Averill, 1-3, S, bunt (3rd, 7th)

1963-04-16, at LAD: Ernie Banks, 2-4, HR, SF (5th, 12th)

1964-06-21, at PIT: Larry Jackson, 3-4, S, S (3rd, 9th)

1966-04-23*, vs LAD: Ferguson Jenkins, 2-3, HR, S (5th, 7th)

1971-07-11*, at SDP: Johnny Callison, 2-3, SF, HR (4th, 7th)

1975-05-31, vs LAD: Jose Cardenal, 2-4, HR, HR (4th, 6th)

1976-08-01, vs STL: Pete LaCock, 2-3, S, walk-off S (8th, 10th)

1976-08-14*, vs LAD: George Mitterwald, 2-3, S, SF (1st, 6th)


1981-08-30, at LAD: Jody Davis, 3-3, S, S (4th, 6th)

1984-04-29, at PIT: Gary Matthews, 2-4, GO, S (1st, 6th)

1985-04-09, vs PIT: Keith Moreland, 2-3, S, HR (1st, 4th)

2000-07-31*, vs COL: Mark Grace, 2-4, S, HR (4th, 7th)

2001-07-15, vs KCR: Ron Coomer, 1-2, SF, S (4th, 6th)

2002-06-21, vs STL: Fred McGriff, 2-3, HR, HR (5th, 7th)

2003-08-15, vs LAD: Sammy Sosa, 3-4, D, S (1st, 5th)

2012-07-23*, at PIT: Alfonso Soriano, 2-4, D, D (4th, 9th)

2022-04-12, at PIT: Seiya Suzuki, 2-4, HR, HR (5th, 7th)

2022-09-20, at MIA: David Bote, 1-3, HR, SF (7th, 8th)

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