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There’s a new Field of Dreams Fergie Jenkins bobblehead

It commemorates the first pitch Fergie threw to Johnny Bench in Iowa.

Photo by Matt Dirksen/Getty Images

You might recall the ceremonial first pitch Cubs Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins threw to Reds Hall of Famer Johnny Bench at the Field of Dreams Game in Iowa in August. Here it is [VIDEO].

In commemoration of this, the folks at FOCO are releasing a bobblehead:

As you can see above, this is a limited numbered set, only 322 will be made. You can pre-order one at for $80; they’ll be released next spring, on March 10.

It’s a cool souvenir of the Field of Dreams Game. Full disclosure, FOCO is sending me one of these bobbleheads. You can check out other FOCO products at their website or via their Twitter account, @focousa.