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Baseball history unpacked, January 11

A thrice-weekly digest, replete with #Cubs, #MLB, and #MiLB factoids, gathered from reputable sources. Pipp passes, and the Cubs made notable trades on this date in baseball history. My favorite player was traded for my favorite player.

Rick Monday
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Bleed Cubbie Blue is pleased to present a light-hearted, Cubs-centric look at baseball’s colorful past, with plenty of the lore and various narratives to follow as they unfold over the course of time. Here’s a handy Cubs timeline, to help you follow along.

Today in baseball history:

Cubs birthdays: Harry McIntire, Paddy Driscoll, Roy Hughes, Jack Curtis, Lloyd McClendon, Donn Pall, Rey Ordóñez. Also notable: Elmer Flick HOF, Max Carey HOF.

Today in history:

  • 1569 - 1st recorded lottery in England is drawn in St Paul’s Cathedral. This is widely regarded as the World’s first lottery.
  • 1787 - Titania and Oberon, moons of Uranus, discovered by William Herschel.
  • 1838 - First public demonstration of telegraph messages sent using dots and dashes at Speedwell Ironworks in Morristown, New Jersey by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail.
  • 1919 - Romania annexes Transylvania.
  • 1922 - Insulin first used on humans to treat diabetes, when Frederick Banting injects fellow Canadian Leonard Thompson, aged 14.
  • 1982 - Atlanta, Georgia’s temperature goes below zero F.

Common sources:


Some of these items spread from site to site without being verified. That is exactly why we ask for reputable sources if you have differences with a posted factoid, so that we can address that to the originators and provide clarity if not ‘truth’. Nothing is posted here without at least one instance of corroboration. Thanks for reading.