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Outside The Confines: Correa returned to sender?

The Carlos Correa sweepstakes seem poised to end where they began.

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Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

Sometimes during the offseason (and I’ve done it here myself), we like to post tweet updates showing the wild and wacky path taken by minor league players bouncing from team to team via DNF and signing.

Well, I don’t think anyone expected the wildest ride of free agency to belong to Carlos Correa. We’ve talked about the rumor mill, the last-minute sudden signing in San Francisco, the about-face to sign with the Mets, and after both of those two signings fell through thanks to some mystery in Correa’s physical, he is right back where he started, on the cusp of signing a deal with the Minnesota Twins. What might be most fascinating about this is while the length of Correa’s offered contracts keeps going down, he AAV keeps going up.

And Ken Rosenthal breaks down how this new deal with the Twins looks year by year.

Now the only interesting thing to watch for: will the physical be an issue here? Because there’s also this very interesting tidbit about a reduced offer from the Mets contingent on his ongoing health:

Let’s move on to the rest of today’s links.

And tomorrow will be a better day, Buster. Make it so.